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Meet Your Outfitters & Guides...

Methow Valley Outfitter

Steve Darwood

Steve grew up in the high country, packing for his uncle, Ole Scott. Ole started in the pack business in 1934. In 1968, Steve started packing for Ole, then purchased the business in 1982. Steve knows the mountains well, his family homesteaded here in 1890. Steve lives three miles from the original homestead. In the off-season, Steve builds custom made riding saddles and pack equipment in his saddle shop at home. He invites you to join him in the Methow Valley to share with you the beauty that has kept his family here for the past 100 years.

Pasayten Wilderness Outfitter

Jess Darwood

Jess Darwood was born in the Methow Valley, a 4th generation Wilderness Outfitter. His great grandfather packed supplies and ore for the mines of the Pasayten Wilderness. His uncles on both sides, Claude Miller and Clyde Scott continued the tradition slowly turning the adventure into entertainment and providing wilderness access for families and hunters. His grandfather, Swede Miller, an outfitter and entertainer extraordinaire, and his father, Steve Darwood, have given Jess the experiences of a lifetime, handed down through generations, getting better each year. Jess enjoys taking guests to the high country alongside his wife, Elyse, who is one of our cooks. When Jess isn't in the mountains, he enjoys raising, training and working with his stock. Jess is sure to delight you with cowboy poetry and stories around the campfire.

We specialize in Outiffting trips through the Methow Valley, Pasayten Wilderness and fishing trips to Lake Chelan.